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COOKIES policy

This website,, uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. Below we will expand the information on the usefulness of cookies, what they are for, types of cookies used at, how to disable them in different browsers and how to block the installation of third-party cookies.


Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in the browser or on the user’s device while browsing pages or applications, with information about their visit. Are used to:

Confirm the proper functioning of the web pages
Memorize user preferences: language, font size, …
Study the user experience when browsing the web
Collect statistical data anonymously on the use of the web: page views, duration of the visit, …
Thanks to cookies, it is possible to optimize user navigation, adapting content and services to their interests, so that their experience is better and better. The website uses cookies to function, adapt and improve user navigation.

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer or device, without accessing the user’s personal information at any time. Through the browser settings, changes can be made to the installation of the cookies that are sent to our page, without blocking access to its content, although it may influence the quality of the service.

At the moment the user registers or logs in, they will have access to content adapted to preferences and to the information provided in the registration and that will be saved in the cookie of the browser used.


Technically, cookies give agility to web pages, since they allow adapting to user preferences: language, currency, country, …
They provide security, by hindering attacks against the web or its users
The statistical data that they offer are very important for the owners of the web, since they allow to improve its quality and its ease of use.

Browsing through this web portal means that the following types of cookies can be installed:

a) Performance cookies:

They are cookies that are used to improve the browsing experience of users and optimize the operation of the website. They store service settings so they don’t have to be reconfigured every time you visit.

In our case, we use cookies of this type to store the products that you add to your shopping cart or the postal code that you indicate during your navigation.

We also use technical cookies to remember the acceptance by the user of the installation of cookies.

b) Analytical cookies:

They collect information on the user’s browsing experience on the website in a completely anonymous way.

They serve, for example, to:

Count visits to the most popular page or content.
Know if users are new and repeat view.
Know information that helps us improve the web service and its navigation.
We use the Google Analytics system (Google’s tool for measuring web page traffic), which can store cookies on your computer to help us collect information. This will be used only for statistical purposes and to study the behavior of users who visit our website. The information collected by the cookie (including the IP) is stored and transmitted to Google’s servers in the United States. Google uses this data to collect your activity on our site and to generate reports for the purpose of identifying the use made by users of our site in an aggregate way. Google may provide such information to third parties when required by current legislation. Acceptance of this policy implies acceptance of the use by Google of the information collected by Google Analytics.

The cookies used by this system are:

_utma: It is the visitor identifier. It saves information related to the session and has an expiration of two years from its creation.
_utmb: It is used to know the time that the user spends on our page and the number of pages he visits, or what is the same, how long the visits / sessions of the visits last. By default this cookie expires after 30 minutes
_utmc: This cookie is used in conjunction with __utmb to know if a new session is established for the user. This cookie expires when the browser is closed, so if the user enters and this cookie does not exist, a new session must be set, for example if a user closes the browser and re-enters after 45 minutes.

_utmc: This cookie is used in conjunction with __utmb to know if a new session is established for the user. This cookie expires when the browser is closed, so if the user enters and this cookie does not exist, a new session must be set, for example if a user closes the browser and re-enters after 45 minutes.
_utmz: This cookie is used to make the attribution of the visit, that is, from where and how the user came to our website. It has a default duration of 6 months
_atuvc: This cookie is used for social networks to ensure that the user sees the updated count if they share a page, like it, tweet it …
You can disable this tracking by visiting the currently available disabling means (

c) Social cookies

In some areas of the web you can find content integrated with social networks. If the social registry is used, the social network is authorized to store a Cookie to remember the identification in the service. This Cookie is persistent and speeds up access on subsequent visits. It is possible to delete it and modify the privacy in the settings of the social network itself.

We recommend you visit the privacy sections of these media, where you can find updated information on their cookies:
d) Other cookies

In some sections of the web you can use an online chat service to communicate directly with us. To do this, we resort to, a tool that can save cookies on your computer.

One of our payment systems,, can also store cookies on your computer. You can find more information at


Browsing our website implies the consent of the user for the use of cookies, based on the conditions set out in this Cookie Policy. From access to this information is facilitated at the moment in which the user accesses the page, allowing the visitor to delete, block or reject the use of cookies at any time from the configuration of your browser.

Through the configuration of your web browser you can disable or block cookies, and even reject the installation of some of them or all cookies. It will be possible in most browsers, to reject the installation of cookies automatically or to notify them of their presence. Even if you reject the installation of cookies, you can continue browsing although this will limit some services and worsen the experience of using the web.

In the following links you can see how to modify the configuration for the different browsers:

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Version 7 and 8:
Version 9:
Safari ™:
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Windows Phone:

This cookie policy may be updated, so we recommend accessing this page again to be correctly informed about the cookies used