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Have you ever dreamt of raising a unicorn, met a flying panda, or a magical seahorse?

In Fantasy Friends, you will have to raise and care for various magical creatures, from hatching their eggs until they grow into these cute and cuddly fantasy animals. Each of them will have specific needs, a specific diet and a specific habitat.

After many years of study at magic school, it’s time for you to take control of your very own Magical Creature Farm!

Raise, feed, clean and play with them! Lots of items (toys, clothes, jewellery, …) to collect and make your magical animal a very unique one.

Key sales points

Confluence of 2 very popular genres dedicated to girls:

1.Pet care and farming (like Nintendogs, Animal Crossing,Little Friends…) 2.

2.Very few girl-specific games on Switch available in shops to date.

3.Great attention to the Art of the game, considered as a key aspect as the gameplay itself

Lanzamiento: Julio 2021

Publisher: Just For Games


PEGI: + 3