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MOB: Big Apple

Two crime families are battling for territory to extort local business and control backdoor business for spirits.

Each family fights dirty, doing all they can to seize ownership of crates of contrabands, even it that means sending rivals to sleep with the fishes.

You are the “Capodecina” for one of these families.

Command your hencmen to gain the upper-hand of New York to collecting crates, eliminating rivals, exposen moles, an tipping off the DA of your opponent

Do you have what it takes for your family to control the Big Apple?

MOB: Big Apple is an exciting competitive for two that plays under an hour

By means of area control, clever dice allocation and worker placement, you’ll attempt to out-smart, out-maneouver an out-gun your rivat to victory!

About MOB:

Release date: Diciembre 2021
Genre: Competitive, areas control
Players: 2
Age: +14
Time: 35-40 minutes
Language: Spanish

Additional Information:

About MOB: